Magento - billing countries different from shipping countries


Line 103, remove or comment out this line:

<php echo $this->getCountryHtmlSelect('shipping') ?>

and replace with:

<select name="shipping[country_id]" id="shipping:country_id" class="validate-select" title="Country" onchange="shipping.setSameAsBilling(false);">

<option value=""> </option>

<option value="US" selected="selected">United States</option>


Or your own set of countries you want to show. You have the valid 2 letter country abbreviation, Magento should take care of the rest on state/province selection automatically for you.


  1. This helps but its a kind of hard work if we have let say 300 countries..
    Do you any way with which we can check in collection that if we are in checkout page's shipping information section, then we can add some condition there so as to restrict some countries from the available country list of base magento..??
    Need help!!

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