How to change Joomla Admin Folder Name or Path

how to protect your admin side of website. Rename Joomla administrator directory without having to modify any Joomla code.

1. Create a new directory in your root directory (eg. "newadmin")
2. Create an index.php file in your "newadmin" directory

## newadmin/index.php

header("Location: ../administrator/index.php");

3. Add this to the beginning of index.php in real administrator folder

if ($_COOKIE['JoomlaAdminSession'] != "1234567890")
header("Location: ../index.php");

To login Joomla administration page, go to "". The php code will set a cookie that expires at the end of the session and redirect you to your real administration page. No one will be able to load anything from the administrator directory without having gone through the "newadmin" directory first.

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  1. I tried using the above technique but it did not work. it creates loop. I don't know why? well I hashed the code by using hash converte